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Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
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We publish a newsletter at least twice a year.  (Fourth of July and Christmas)
The table below lists those newsletters that are posted here along with some of the subjects that are discussed in them (such as our trips).

Click the date to choose a newsletter to read.

July   Subject(s)   Xmas   Subject(s)
1999 Trips to Bosque del Apache, southern Arizona,
Lake Powell.
  1999 Trips to Hawaii, southern New Mexico, Washington,
Oregon, Virginia.
2000 Trips to Arizona, Utah.
  2000 Trips to Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri.
2001 Trips to South Dakota, Montana.
  2001 Trips to Oregon, Truth or Consequences.
2002 Death of Bea Baxter. Trips to New Mexico,
Colorado, Lake Powell.
  2002 Death of Pico.  Trips to Utah, Colorado, Kansas,
2003 Trips to Utah, Montana, North Dakota.
  2003 Trip to East Coast.  Trip to Phoenix, Arizona.
2004 Trip to Utah.  Visit of John Malseed.  Trip to
Ireland, Scotland, England.
  2004 Trip to Oregon and Washington.  Trip to
Farmington, NM.  New Suzuki.
2005 Trips to Australia, Utah, Navajo Lake,
Bosque Del Apache.  Death of Samantha.
  2005 Trip to upper Midwest, Canada, and Northwest.
2006 Trips to Bosque Del Apache, Reserve, Silver
City, Clovis.  Family graduations
  2006 Trips to east coast, Dolores Colorado, Breckenridge TX.
New puppy, Derry.
2007 Derry Grows up.
Trip to Florida.
  2007 Trips to Alaska, Navajo Lake, Kansas, and Oklahoma.
Buhrer family reunion.  Trip to Farmington
2008 Trip to Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona.
Wrist surgery.
  2008 Trips to east coast; Creede, Colorado;  Farmington,
New Mexico.
2009 Trip to Ireland.  Death of John Abell.
Robert AIAA, Linda FMCA jobs.
  2009 Trips to Cedar Breaks; Dolores, Colorado; Farmington,
New Mexico; Truth or Consequences NM.  Robbery.
2010 Trips to Maryland, Las Cruces, T or C, Colorado
Springs, and Denver.  Doxtator wedding.
  2010 Trips to Pacific Northwest; Kansas Missouri and Oklahoma,
New England Cruise, Farmington New Mexico.  Cataracts.
2011 Trips to Las Cruces, Alamogordo, Southern
California, Bayfield CO. New car.
  2011 Trips to Northeast; Farmington, New Mexico; Huachuca City, AZ.
Christmas choir program, AIAA & FMCA activities, shooting.


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