Robert & Linda Malseed
Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
July 2004
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15 July 2004   Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Greetings again from New Mexico.

We are a bit late with this newsletter because of our big trip to Ireland, Scotland, and England which just ended on 28 June. It has been a busy year so far.

We have had a very busy time since last Christmas. As we mentioned in the Christmas newsletter, Robert is no longer working full time. However, he has been very busy working on Malseed family matters. Malseed family in the broad sense, that is. We mentioned in the last newsletter that we were planning a trip to Ireland and a Malseed family reunion there. We were working primarily with John Malseed in Australia and also Jim Maultsaid and Iris Malseed. (Johnís cousin in Letterkenny, Ireland.) Over the years, Robert has been contacted by several dozen Malseed from throughout the world, because of our Malseed family web site. We sent reunion announcements to them and have also heard from new family members. We also worked out reunion details with Iris Malseed of the Letterkenny Holiday Inn.

With much of the Reunion planning done, we took 15 days off to make a motor home trip to Utah and Colorado. Our spring trip to Utah last year was upset by bad weather, so we rescheduled some of the events for this year. On 12 April we took off. Mountains in Colorado and Utah were still capped with snow.
We arrived in Moab, UT, on 13 April and visited the southern section of Canyonlands National Park. It was beautiful there. Here is a view near the Park.

  Near the Canyonlands.

We next visited Price, UT. At price, we saw the Prehistoric Museum at the College of Eastern Utah. It is a very good museum. We had not been there since 1994. We also visited the Western Mining & Railroad Museum in Helper, UT. Then we stopped at Salt Lake City and did some family research at the Family History Library. Robert wanted to finish his project of photographing all their records of Malseed births, marriages, and deaths as recorded at the General Register Offices of Ireland. There was quite a lot of rainy weather in Salt Lake City. After Salt Lake City, we stopped at Montrose, Colorado, on our way to Pueblo, Colorado, for a National Trek Rally. We arrived in Pueblo just ahead of a large storm that dumped a lot of rain and snow on Colorado. Over 200 Safari Trek motor homes gathered there for 4 days.

  National Trek Rally in the snow.

At the conclusion of the Rally, many of the attendees went on a trip to Cripple Creek where we toured the Molly Kathleen gold mine and then went back to Pueblo by driving through Phantom Canyon.

The winter 2004 National Convention of the Family Motor Coach Association was held in Albuquerque in March. We did not have to drive our motor home at all to get to this Convention as it was only 2 miles from our home. Linda once again taught a seminar on the Promise Quilt, In fact, she taught two classes.

  Linda teaching her seminar.

Unfortunately, Lindaís cousin could not come from Tucson because Nelson was not well, so we helped out their MCI bus owners chapter of FMCA by being guides on a tour of Santa Fe and the Jemez Mountains.
This summer we plan to go to the convention in Redmond, Oregon, and to spend August and September touring around from Montana to British Columbia. We hope to meet some more of Robertís extended Malseed family.

On l April, Bea Mattson and her husband, Hal, came to visit. They live in Sacramento, CA. Bea is a third Cousin, once removed, of Robertís in his Shubert family line. We had never met Bea before. We had a very nice time and exchanged information which proved to provide some valuable clues to Robert and Beaís common ancestor, George Shubert. We now know that George had a sister Margaretta.

  Visit by Bea and Hal Mattson.

Robertís distant cousin, John Malseed, and his wife, Helen, arrived from their home in Terrigal, Australia, on 16 May. They had never been in the US before, so we showed them as much as we could. The next day we took off with them in our motor home to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park near Alamogordo, New Mexico. We showed them White Sands National Monument, Holloman Air Force Base, and the solar observatory at Sunspot, NM. We spent another night at the Valley of Fires, and from there we visited Lincoln, Capitan, and White Oaks. The four of us survived living together for 3 nights in the motor home. After returning to Albuquerque, we took them on further trips to Acoma Pueblo, Petroglyph National Monument, the Jemez mountains, Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos, and Sandia Crest.
John has written a book, ďAn Overview of the New TestamentĒ, published by AMG in Chattanooga. Our pastor, Wayne Barber, is also an AMG author, so we introduced them to each other.

  John & Helen (front) with us and Wayne & Diana.

After exploring New Mexico for ten days, we flew to Washington DC. The four of us spent a couple nights with Lindaís cousin, Tom, in Alexandria, Virginia. We spent a day in Washington and walked along the mall. We saw the World War II Memorial which was officially opened on the following day. From Washington, we took John and Helen to Baltimore and showed them where Robert lived and grew up. We also met his nephew, John, and cousins Jan and John. Finally, on 27 May, it was time for us to leave for the Malseed reunion in Ireland.

We flew out of Washington on l June and arrived in London the next morning and then continued on to Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Jim Maultsaid and Johnís sister, Nan, picked us up at the airport and drove us to Coleraine where we stayed with Johnís sister, Marina. While there, we went to see the Giantís Causeway, and were also treated to dinner at a restaurant overlooking the sea by Stewart and Carol Parkhill.

  Linda & Robert on the Giantís Causeway.

There we saw the best examples of hexagonal basalt columns that we have ever seen. We also got our first look at Lough Foyle and County Donegal from a high point north of Coleraine.
Robertís ancestor sailed out of Londonderry in Lough Foyle in 1820 to come to America. (When we visited the maritime museum in Greenwich, England, we discovered that it was at least a 6-month journey for him.)
We rented a car with John and Helen in Coleraine and drove in it to Letterkenny. Various events of the Malseed reunion were held at the Holiday Inn in Letterkenny. On Friday evening we met some family members who had come from the US and England. On Saturday many folk gathered and went on a tour of Derry. (Robert had a sore throat, so he missed the tour.) Saturday evening we had a big dinner at the Inn. There were 5 Robert Malseeds at the dinner. Later Robert met Robert Gilbert Malseed in Rathmullan.

  Robert Allen Malseed with 4 other Roberts.
Cambpell, David, Barry, and James

  Robert with Robert Gilbert Malseed

Sunday morning we car-pooled up to Ramelton a few miles north to attend worship at the Presbyterian Church.

  Ramelton Presbyterian Church

Most of our Malseed ancestors were Presbyterian, and many attended church in the town of Ramelton. At one time there were three Presbyterian churches in the town.
After church we went back to Letterkenny via Killydonnell Friary. The Friary is in ruins, but the graveyard

is still being used. Johnís parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents are buried there.

  John at the graves.

The Friary is on the shore of Lough Swilly.

  Old Malseed farm land by Lough Swilly.

In the afternoon, Robert presented Malseed family history information to many people who gathered at the Holiday Inn.

  Robert speaking.

There were over 80 family members at the reunion from Canada, Australia, the US, England, Northern Ireland, and Ireland. In the evening we had a big supper and entertainment from some local Irish musicians, and from Johnís brother-in-law, Don Hill.
The Mayor of Letterkenny paid a visit and climbed onto a Pennyfarthing bicycle that John Malseed had brought from his home in Dedham, England. (See last page.)

  Robert, John & Iris support the Mayor on the Pennyfarthing bicycle.

The reunion activity or Monday was a bus tour of the area north of Letterkenny. We saw the area where cousin Larry Schweigerís ancestors came from. Then we went through Ramelton and up along the Swilly to Rathmullan. We stopped there to visit Robert Gilbert Malseed.
We continued north on the Fanad Peninsula and ate lunch at Portsalon. We then headed south along Mulroy Bay and returned to Letterkenny. Those who were still around got together for supper that night. On Tuesday we said goodbye and took off on our own. John and Helen visited with some old friends of theirs, then visited his sister and flew back to Australia. We took over the rental car and headed north. We retraced some of the bus route. This was Robertís first opportunity to drive a right-hand drive car (and on the left side of the road). That day we went to the north coast of county Donegal to the town of Dunfanaghy. The next day, our 25th wedding anniversary, 9 June, we drove out to nearby Horn Head. It was a beautiful sunny day, but very windy.
This map shows our route counter-clockwise around Ireland. (Horn Head is on the upper left coast. The Ring of Kerry is the loop on the lower left)

  Our path around Ireland.

9 June Ė Dunfanaghy to Killybegs

  Horn Head.

  Irish Road hazard on a Donegal highway.

  Peat bog with peat drying.

  Glenveagh National Park.

10 June - Killybegs to Westport

  Round Tower

  High Cross.

11 June - Westport to Lisdoonvarna

  Doo Lough Pass.

  Aasleagh Falls in Connemara.

  Kylemore Abbey.

12 June - Lisdoonvarna to Killarney

  The 650-feet-high Cliffs of Moher.

13 June Ė Driving the Ring of Kerry

  Purple Foxglove.

  Lothar Stone Fort.

  Macgillycuddyís Reeks and Lakes of Killarney.

  Torc Waterfall.

  Jaunting car ride to Muckross House.

14 June - Killarney to Cashel

  Blarney Castle. (Linda kissed the stone.)

  The Rock of Cashel.

  Rock of Cashel.

15 June - Cashel to Clonmacnoise.

  Birr Castle.

  The famous 72-inch telescope of Birr Castle.

  Clonmacnoise along the Shannon River


16 June - Clonmacnoise to Shankill
In Shankill, south of Dublin, we stayed with James Malseed and family and visited Dublin.

  With Kathy, Alyson, James, and Karen Malseed.

17 June - In Dublin we visited Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells. We also went to the National Museum.

  Page from the Book of Kells (9th century Gospels.)

18 June - Shankill to Bangor

  Newgrange Ė a Neolithic passage tomb.

Newgrange on the Boyne River is a world heritage site. The passage tombs are 6,000 years old. We also visited the nearby tomb at Knowth.

19 June - We spent the day with Jim Maultsaid and his mom. We visited Scrabo tower at the north end of Strangford Lough and the Stewart house and gardens.

  Scrabo Tower.

20 June - We flew to Edinburgh, Scotland. On 21 June we visited Alison Mathers, a distant cousin of Robert. Later we went to the harbor area and Linda was delighted to find a Baxterís store. (Linda was born Linda Baxter.)

22 June - Edinburgh Castle.

  Edinburgh Castle.

  Edinburgh Castle.

  Edinburgh Castle.

23 June-We drove around Fife on a very rainy and windy day.

24 June Ė We flew to England. Bert and Moira Malseed picked us up at the airport and took us to Colchester, where we spent 3 nights with them. We met some other family members there, and visited with John who had brought his bicycle to the reunion.

25 June - in Greenwich

  Straddling the Prime Meridian at Royal Observatory.

26 June - in Colchester

  Norman Castle in Colchester.

  Bert, Roy, Robert, Moira, and Phyllis Malseed.

27 June - in Dedham

  Scene in Dedham.

  John Malseedís 17th century home in Dedham.

  With John Malseed (right).

28 June - We flew back to Albuquerque ending our big adventure. We continue to be thankful for the Lordís provision for us. We trust in Him, and pray that you will do likewise and enjoy a wonderful summer of 2004.


Robert & Linda
and Samantha

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