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Robert - USAF   Photos from Robert's Air Force career.
Southwest   Photos from our Southwest USA trips.
Mountains   Photos from the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Alberta.

Our home in Albuquerque:  (Our friends outside of the southwest USA can see that New Mexico isn't all cactus and desert.)

front_yard.jpg (33624 bytes) Front yard (with old motor home).
front_yard_mtns.jpg (43133 bytes) Front yard with Sandia Mountains in backgound.
back_yard.jpg (37501 bytes) Back yard.

Our home away from home:

getting_trek.jpg (18392 bytes) Getting our new Safari Trek motor home at Windish RV, Lakewood, CO, 3 Nov 1998.
trek-1w.jpg (22314 bytes) Our campsite at the Camp VIP campground in Salt Lake City, UT, May 1999.
trek-in-1w.jpg (18279 bytes) Inside the Trek.
Linda preparing dinner in the galley at Great Basin National Park, NV,  May 1999.

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