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This website is intended to be a place where family information may be shared.  Genealogical and family history material presented here may be copied for those purposes.

You may use all data on this website, but remember that genealogical work is always subject to revision.  If you copy some of my material, your readers will appreciate a citation to my site so that they may see if my data has been updated.  (And, of course, the "golden rule" of source citation requires that you cite your sources as you would have others cite you.)

I have attempted to credit sources for the information I present here, as well as on the parent web site (, whether it consists of photos (such as those of the reunions) or records (such as the PRONI data) or any family tree branches I may publish.

I am grateful for any information that is contributed and I wish to acknowledge that.  See below for other information that I have that is not posted on this site.


As I have accumulated more and more information and my own family tree data has grown, I have come to appreciate much more the extreme importance of documenting the source(s) of each fact or event.  Regrettably, I do not have sources cited for the earlier facts that I put into my family tree, but I am trying to rectify that.  I have also been given GEDCOM files for some branches of my family that likewise contained undocumented events.  In that case, I am now adding to each event the source from which I got the GEDCOM.  I urge you to at least do the same. 

Genealogists know that primary sources (such as official birth, death, marriage records) are the best to support the facts and events that they compile into family histories.  Unfortunately, the best many of us have to go on is information that is compiled by, or passed on, from others.  If we are lucky they may have cited a primary source.  More often that is not true.  Such information is still valuable and may eventually guide us to a reliable source.  So document your own source whatever or whoever it may be.


Because all the information we work with is of human origin, and persons are prone to error, even "official" or "primary" sources may contain errors.  I can cite many examples where the official birth registration records of Ireland contain a birth date that is different than the same child's birth date given on official church baptism records.  We will never know which date is correct.  So document your source.  It is better than arguing with your cousin who found the date in a different source.


I possess much information that is currently not posted here.  Some of that consists of family trees that people have sent to me.  Much, however, consists of birth, marriage, and death records from Ireland as well as immigration and census data from the USA.  Please feel free to write to me to ask about information that may be of help to you.


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