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Pico was an apricot color toy poodle.  He was born on 21 August 1987 at El Rancho Poodles in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.  He died on 23 Oct 2002.  His father was Schuster Rokenbeau  [PB503311 (8-82)].  His mother was El Rancho's Cheryl Lil' Red [PB671460 (10-84)].  Pico's AKC number was PC074677.  He came to live with us on 15 October 1987.

Pico's full name was "Pico Der Teppichfresser".  (Pico the carpet chewer, in German.)  When he was very young, he chewed part of our dining room carpet.

"Pico" means something very small, and when he was a puppy he really was.  (He eventually weighed 15 pounds.)

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With Linda in his first week here.

Linda with Pico.

The slippers that were sacrificed.

In the kitchen and bedroom.


A messy eater.


Pico Takes The Wheel Pico loved to travel with us in our motor home.
He traveled over 70,000 miles in 21 US states and Alberta, Canada.
linda_stacy_pico_white_sands.jpg (10835 bytes) Here he is with Linda and our niece, Stacy, at White Sands National Monument.
He has enjoyed his visits to White Sands (or any place that Linda goes).

Pico's paw print

    His Mark


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